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Have you switched?

Queensland households could save a minimum of 30%* on their water heating costs just by switching to an economy tariff.


It’s easy! If you have an electric element hot water system, heat pump, or solar with electric boost element that’s not already connected to an economy Tariff 31 or Tariff 33, then you’re missing out on some easy savings.



$100 customer cash back!

Right now, Ergon Energy is encouraging residential customers to choose an economy tariff to save money on their hot water running costs. To help with paying a tradesman to make the change, we are offering up to $100 customer cash back. To be eligible, customers must connect an appropriately sized system to economy Tariff 31 or 33 by 30 June 2014.



Offer ends soon!ergon

Customers must have made and paid for the tariff change by
30 June 2014.


Ergon Energy will continue to accept applications for work completed by 30 June 2014 until close of business on 31 July 2014. All applications must comply with Ergon Energy’s Hot Water Cashback Offer Terms and Conditions.