Smoke Alarms

smoke-alarms Smoke Alarms


Installing smoke alarms near the bedrooms in your house will help ensure your family gets out alive if there is every a fire.


A house can become overcome with fire and smoke in minutes, and without early detection family members can wake up to thick smoke and intense heat which makes escape extremely difficult.


Having a mains powered smoke alarm with a battery backup helps ensure the device will work when you need it to.




Smoke alarms have been compulsory in all businesses for many years now, but not all smoke detectors are created equal. Many buildings have old smoke alarms that aren’t regularly checked, that no longer work, or have batteries without charge, or are simply placed in the wrong area. Did you know that you need different types of detectors in different areas of a building? If your smoke alarms aren’t up to the task, or is in the wrong spot, you are not only breaking the law, you could be taking risks with the lives of your staff.



We Don’t Take Chances with Safety

Brad Kennedy Electrical uses only quality Clipsal products that are Australian made and built to last. We ensure that all detectors are placed in the optimum place, and are regularly tested to ensure optimum safety.