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Which switch?

A standard home needs at least 30-40 power outlets. Kitchen, study, bathroom, bedroom. Indoor, outdoor, carport, first floor. Different spaces need to be lit and powered differently. Clipsal has a huge range of configurations to work for you in any situation.


Brad kennedy Electrical has a great range of Ideas and solutions for your Power points and switches,  If you are looking for obligation free advice please call me today and I will be more than happy to help you with all your questions and offer the best electrical trade advice on the Sunshine coast.



Clipsal 2000 Australia’s biggest selling switchswitch-2000

Manufactured in high gloss, impact resistant material, the 2000 Series incorporates surrounds that simply clip on and are totally interchangeable to create several colour combinations.

Features & Benefits

  • Push-button and rocker switches options.
  • The surrounds can be easily removed to enable painting or papering right up to the edge.
  • Internal colours include White, Black and Cream.
  • Surround colours include Gold, Brushed Aluminium, Chrome, Chrome Shadow, White, Cream, Black, Brown,and Red.
  • Measurements: 116mm L x 76mm W x 13mm D


The 2000 Series is available in:

  • One to six-button switches
  • One to four-button architrave switches
  • Power outlets
  • Dimmers
  • Fan speed controllers
  • Time delays
  • Room access card operated switches
  • Weather protected switches, and
  • TV and data sockets.


Clipsal C2000 Seriesswitch-c2000

The Classic range features a level of quality and elegance that you should expect from electrical switches and power points costing much more.

Features & Benefits

  • Push-button switches.
  • Moulded plastic finishes include in White, Soft Grey, Cream, Red, Brown, Beige, Black and Grey.
  • Available Metal finishes include Gold Plated, Brushed Aluminium, Silver Plated, and Chrome.
  • Measurements: 116mm L x 76mm W x 13mm D.
  • The Classic Series is available in one to six-button switches and one to four-button architrave switches, power outlets, dimmers and fan speed controllers.
  • The range also includes cooker switches and weatherproof switches and telephone, data and TV accessory connections.


Clipsal Push Buttonswitch-push

Impress Push-Button has a unique push-button feature and is compatible with Clipsal’s Slimline, Eclipse, Standard, 2000, Metal Plate and C2000 ranges.


Features & Benefits

  • Available with soft blue LED on/off indicators.
  • Push button switch mechanism.
  • Surrounds available in Chrome, Gold, Brushed Aluminium, Brushed Brass and White.
  • Labelling options.
  • Suitable for new-build and retrofit projects.
  • Measurements: 116mm L x 76mm W x 4mm D.
  • Impress Push-Button is available in one to six-button touch-control switches and one to six-button architrave switches, as well as dimmers controllers.



Weatherproof switches and power outlets

Clipsal’s selection of weatherproof switches operate outdoors in direct weather, while offering unparalleled protection and safety.











Features & Benefits

  • Constructed from heavy-duty plastics, Clipsal’s weatherproof switches are designed to resist corrosion, colour fading and impact.
  • Designed to resist corrosion, fading and impact, and available in various colour finishes to match brickwork or rendering.