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Brad Kennedy Electrcial has technicians who hold multiple certifications allowing them to design and install the most complex of new home wiring, fibre optic and copper network cabling installations. Brad Kennedy Electrical has worked with new home builders such as Steve Kennedy Constructions on the support, installation and maintenance of their properties and can offer support on large-scale projects through to small residential independent jobs.

Building a new home is truly satisfying. But at times the stress can be overwhelming. Planning where to put your electronic devices is a critical and challenging issue that you need to deal with.

To assist you with planning the electrical wiring in your new home, we have come up with a few tips:

  1. Consider decorating the interior. Ask your building designer to show you where the planned electrical outlets are located
  2. Consider each room of your house:
    • What is the purpose of the room?
    • How do you plan to furnish it?
    • What appliances will you use?
    • Where will the TV, hair dryer, alarm clock, electric blanket and other important devices go?
  3. Children’s rooms may change over time as their needs change. Now they might just need a baby monitor and light. When they grow, you need to add plugs for the stereo, alarm clock, mobile phone charger, mp3 player, laptop and light.
  4. Tackling the kitchen can be a trickier area and is best done in consultation with the person who uses it the most. Planning for your major appliances such as the oven, fridge and dishwasher is somewhat simple. The real issue is strategically positioning power outlets for small appliances such as the kettle, toaster, blender, electric fry pan and extractor fans.
  5. With house lighting, it’s worth considering how you want to be able to control the lighting. And that your layout may change as your family grows.
  6. The main living area should be around lighting and powering major electrics. Consider where you will be placing the dinner table and lounge suite. These areas are often used for reading, homework or as places to use the laptop when they are not being used otherwise. Pay particular attention to the following:
    • Will the TV be wall mounted?
    • Then where will the sound system and its wiring go?
    • Do you have Foxtel? How will this be wired?
    • Do you use Apple TV or streaming media from the Internet? Will the wireless router reach the TV box?
    • Will speakers be free standing or installed in the roof? Will the complete entertainment system sit near the TV? Then do you require outdoor speakers or music for outdoor areas?
    • Are there enough sockets to power ALL of the above?
  7. Spare outlets – make sure you have them. Remember you need them for vacuum cleaners, charging phones and laptops! Make sure they are not stuck behind beds or furniture either.